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W beam and Thrie beam Highway guardrail is a specially designed product for roadway safety. It is a necessary traffic safety facility for road, especially for the motorway with high-speed traffic flow.

On the express road, strong crash barriers can effectively protect the high-speed errant vehicles from hitting other objects along the roadside such as trees, bridge piers, high embankments, walls and any other utilities by absorbing most of the striking energy and guard the vehicle along with the railing direction and eventually slow its speed down to zero. In the meantime the vehicle damage and the injury of the driver and the passengers can be reduced to the lowest extent.

The highway guardrail can be erected in literally any road situation, no matter it’s straight road or curved road.

Curved Guardrail Beams for Curved Roads

Since highway guardrail is so important, you can find it anywhere around the globe where there is road. Wuhan Dachu follows the major guardrail standards in the world and manufactures a wide range of highway guardrail products and accessories for your selection. Contact Wuhan Dachu Traffic Facilities Co., Ltd to get a fast quotation today.

Wuhan Dachu Metal Beam Crash Barriers Production Lines
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