Cheap Crash Barriers May Mean Death and Malfunctioning

Jackie Wu

A cheaper highway guardrail may be malfunctioning and deadly to drivers, passengers and roadside properties. Do you want to take the risk in case of accidents?

Here is a tragic case happened in America many years ago. It's the difference of just one inch. In 2005, the guardrail manufacturer Trinity Industries shaved that much off its guardrail design, saving the company $2 per guardrail head. It also neglected to report this design change to the Federal Highway Administration. Tens of thousands of these potentially deadly guardrail heads are now installed all over the country, and after numerous accidents and deaths, states are finally banning it. In all, lawsuits have linked Trinity's guardrail to 14 accidents and 5 deaths. Fourteen states have banned this guardrail, reports the New York Times.

In the process of interacting with lots of clients from around the globe, we found most of them are very price-sensitive, especially customers from Africa. Lots of them cared more about the price than the quality of highway guardrails. This frequently put us in dilemma: Do the business or Do the right thing?

To maintain the fame our company and follow the code of conduct, we always try our best to persuade our clients to attach more importance to the quality, other than the price of guardrails. The quality of guardrail has always been the top priority of Wuhan Dachu. Safety Road Crash Barriers are supposed to be reliable and protect those who are involved in the accidents. Just imagine how much a country would lose because of malfunctioning of the highway guardrails on a yearly basis.

Cheap guardrail may mean death and malfunctioning, now the choice is yours to make.

Wuhan Dachu offers high quality galvanized steel highway guardrail at very competitive price, contact today to get a free quote now!


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