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Are you looking for high-quality W beam guardrails? The W beam guardrail is a double corrugated beam component of a non-rigid road safety barrier system in the public domain. Efficient and inexpensive, it is the most popular way to eliminate dangerous roadside threats. As a semi-rigid guardrail, W beam guardrail provides ideal results for designers and vehicle occupants. The ability of the barrier to absorb part of the collision energy reduces the risk of occupants and the deformation of the colliding vehicle. Therefore, the W beam guardrail has been widely used. Next, let's discuss the five best W beam guardrail manufacturers in the world.


Gregory Industries

Main Products: Highway guardrails, W beam guardrails, pillars, pipes and fences

Address: 4100 13th St SW Canton, OH 44710

TEL: 330-915-3269

Fax: 330-477-0626


Company Profile

Gregory Industries has a century of history in galvanizing and roll forming steel products. Today, they lead the highway safety and road construction industries with rolled steel products manufactured in the center of the United States. They have rich experience in guardrails and road facilities products.


Coral Sales Company

Main Products: Anti-collision guardrail, W beam guardrail, bracket, roadblock, car attenuator, etc.


TEL: 1-800-538-7245

Fax: (503) 657-9649


Company Profile

Coral Sales Company was established in 1979 and has been committed to providing quality services and transportation products to improve road safety. By providing the most reliable, responsive, flexible and cost-effective products and services, we help customers define, improve and implement high-quality public safety solutions.


Wuhan Dachu Traffic Facilities Co., Ltd.

Main Products: Various transportation facilities and infrastructure materials such as galvanized steel coils, section steel and pipes, highway guardrails, W beam guardrails, scaffolding, street lamp systems, etc.

Address: Wuhan City, Hubei province, China

TEL: +86-13686580652

Email: [email protected]


Company Profile

Wuhan Dachu Transportation Facilities Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the design, production, construction services, marketing and sales of various infrastructure materials and construction machinery. At present, Dachu has four own factories: environmentally friendly hot-dip galvanizing factory, new-type PVC and electrostatic powder coating factory, guardrail component processing factory, high-tech scaffolding and street light pole factory. The annual production capacity of Dachu infrastructure products is about 800,000 tons, of which 3/8 are sold to overseas markets. Our high-quality infrastructure products have been recognized by national authorities and global buyers.


Barrier Group

Main Products: Bollards and U-shaped poles, highway fences, W beams, industrial gates, queue management, scalable barriers

Address: 58-62 Separation Street,North Geelong VIC 3215

TEL:  1300 55 33 20


Company Profile

Barrier is a leader in the development, manufacturing and supply of various workplace and pedestrian safety solutions in Australia. Barrier Group provides high-quality workplace and pedestrian safety solutions. And has grown into Australia's leading provider of physical environment security solutions, with deep design, manufacturing and installation experience. Products and services cover all industry and safety requirements, and have a good record of providing customers with reliable, effective and standard-compliant solutions.


DG Road Safety Private Limited

Main Products: Anti-collision guardrail, W beam guardrail, road safety signs, traffic signs, road marking paint, etc.

Address: Atherva apartment, row house no 2, DSK Phata, Dhayari Village, Dhayari,, Pune, Maharashtra 411016

TEL: 91-8888817717


Company Profile

DG Road Safety Private Limited is a manufacturing company established in 2007, engaged in the manufacture of road safety products, and is also an excellent service provider in the same field. Known for high-quality products, punctual product delivery, competitive prices, and transparent and honest services.



The above is our excellent W beam guardrail manufacturer for you. You can compare them and choose the right manufacturer to start your business and strive for the best benefit for you.

If you need to buy road guardrails, you can check our products and contact us immediately to get the latest quotation.

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