What are ways to induce labor

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How To Induce Labor At Home Naturally

Eating large amount of fresh pineapple can also kick start your digestive system, which is also said to be a way to kick start labor. Acupressure Thinkstock Similar to acupuncture, this is another age-old practice that entails putting pressure on specific points on the body to stimulate uterine activity, except that instead of using needles, you can use fingertips including your own — or your partner's. While it may not be commonly known, it can also be utilized as one of the most effective techniques for stabilizing regular contractions once labor begins or getting a stalled labor back on track. Meditation and even just cuddling with your partner can help relax you, which might get your oxytocin levels pumping it's no coincidence that the majority of labors start late at night, when an expectant mom is warm and cozy in bed — a state that triggers the release of oxytocin. But be sure to talk to your practitioner before trying evening primrose oil — women with placenta previa should stay away from the herb. There were no significant differences in the outcomes of the groups, but the vast majority of these women did not require medical inductions. Of course, even the most die-hard proponents of acupuncture during pregnancy say that if the baby isn't ready to make a grand entrance, acupuncture alone isn't likely make it happen. Ways to Induce Labor Naturally Ways to induce labor naturally are many and varied. You can sometimes simply stand in the house or garden and lean over a piece of furniture or your partner or a friend. Another very important point to remember is that if you leave it until you are more than 40 weeks pregnant, you don't have as much time as when you start seeing a practitioner from say 38 or 39 weeks. This post explores 7 different methods proven to bring on labor. Pin13K Is it time for baby to come? I would only use it as a last resort. You'll get plenty of nipple action once your newborn arrives and starts looking for food. The one I used was the thumb to the roof of my mouth. Like the other methods, it is only effective when the body is demonstrating signs of readiness.

What are ways to induce labor

Prunes, figs and other dried fruits are good to eat at the end of pregnancy or in early labor. I agree with Leigh Ann on the castor oil. Castor oil Getty Images What's the on this vegetable oil? Breaking of the water increases your risk of other medical interventions, including cesarean section. So unless you're really impatient, save the money. Caution should be exercised when considering this method. This is THE important ingredient when people tell you to eat spicy foods or curry as one of the ways to induce labor. Acupuncture Acupuncture is said to have been used very successfully for thousands of years to induce labor in women who are overdue. Walking up stairs or steps has the same effect. The one I used was the thumb to the roof of my mouth. You know, our son has serious rhythm to this day. If you are looking to induce labor naturally, this is the post to read! Another thing to consider is special herbs. For example, sex can release oxytocin, which may help jumpstart uterine contractions. Nipple Stimulation Nipple stimulation is said to help induce labor, and some women even try using a breast pump to achieve this. Raspberry leaf is also very high in iron, so will help you avoid or treat anemia in pregnancy. Guest post by Leigh Ann of Intentional by Grace Previously, I shared with you why we chose not to schedule an induction with our first child. Oxytocin is the hormone that causes the uterus to contract and milk to be ejected from the breast. Though the procedure is done in the office, there are no medications involved. Here we talk about the more natural ways to induce labor. My husband and sister cranked up the dance music when I could no longer sit still and get comfortable. It uses the force of gravity to help the baby descend further into the pelvis and aid in ripening the cervix to prepare for the birth of the baby. But when it comes to natural ways to induce labor, practitioners generally don't recommend this one. It makes sense to seek professional advice well in advance if you want to avoid hospital induction and use natural ways to induce labor instead. As maintaining appropriate nutrition is an essential component of a healthy pregnancy, it should not be neglected in the later weeks in attempts to self-induce labor. Herbs Before artificial means of labor induction such as pitocin and cervidil were available, women in need of induction turned to herbs.

What are ways to induce labor

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  1. While I am not at a point yet where I am prepared to try any natural labor induction methods, I have to admit, it is a topic of interest for me! Nipple massage works in a similar way.

  2. Pregnancy yoga is also another good preparation and done regularly is one of the ways to help induce labor naturally. Nipple Stimulation Nipple stimulation is said to help induce labor, and some women even try using a breast pump to achieve this.

  3. Hopefully this will also facilitate a nice, reasonably short labor. Many even focus on certain pressure points to move labor along.

  4. Acupressure Using acupressure to induce labor is the most comfortable, enjoyable technique to attempt.

  5. Herbs like black cohash, blue cohash, evening primrose, and red raspberry can induce labor. Pregnancy yoga is also another good preparation and done regularly is one of the ways to help induce labor naturally.

  6. Acupressure is a long-standing practice in China that is just now becoming popular in the West.

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