Things to do with paint chips

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Do not over sand! For best results, apply 2 applications of color. You can use a plastic tooth pick, an artist paint brush, or a pin striping brush shown here. This is a medium scratch. On a car like the photo shown, I will actually smear the paint on with a cloth or use a rubber squeegee. Also, wipe the chip and the surrounding area well. Of course, the job is much faster if you use a dual-action car polisher. Next, use a sanding pen to prepare the chip and feather out the edges. Check your work often! Inspect with your fingertips.

Things to do with paint chips

People tell me all kinds of reasons why they want it to be done. The clearcoat paint should easily flow into the groove of the scratch. You may need to keep the tip clean a few times. If necessary, the toothpick can knock off any loose paint. Inspect with your fingertips. The scratch touch-up is almost level. This means free of wax, rust and oils. Do this the afternoon, before starting your chip repairs. Paint Chip Preparation Process Prepare the chip or scratched area before applying primer or touch-up paint. You will need a dual-action car polisher or a spot pad kit for your drill. Never in a circle! In any case… The secret is to get the flow going on a hard surface. Check your work often! It can be fixed. One of the mos insidious things that someone can do to your car, right after keying, is to have someone egg you. The actual technique is not that different: Take solace in something: Once the damaged areas are fully cleaned and prepared. Use it for exposed bare metal, rust in particular. Pull out your dual-action car polisher. See our page on Paintless Dent Repair for more information. Use a small sanding block and to girt wet and dry sand paper. This is a view of a deep scratch. Simply rotate the sanding pen over the chip. Let the paint flow off of the toothpick into the nick. It can only be repaired with touch-up paint.

Things to do with paint chips

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  1. One portion of the car that is prone to get excess scratches is the front, while your car paint can get easily chipped from any portion because of rocks and other debris on the road. The touch-up will not match without it.

  2. Will repair road rash or individual chips or even remove road paint accumulated from driving over painted "road-lines". The touch-up will not match without it.

  3. On a car like the photo shown, I will actually smear the paint on with a cloth or use a… Car Paint Chip Repair to Perfection Ordinary driving conditions will cause scratches and paint chips in the paint of your car. Next, run your fingernail across the paper onto the paint surface.

  4. Apply more color-matched paint until you have over-filled the area to create a blob. I want to make things easier for you.

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