Punjabi post wedding rituals

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Traditions and Rituals of A Punjabi Wedding

Usually mehendi artists come to the house of the bride a day or two prior to the day of the wedding. This ritual is where the Baraat groom's procession party arrives at the bride's home or the location where the bride is and marriage will be celebrated. This ceremony is called chunni chadana. The groom anoints the forehead of the bride and fills her hair parting with vermillion. It is a fun tradition, in which the girls charge a fee for agreeing to return the shoes. Arsha marriage — in this type of marriage, the groom gives a cow and a bull to the father of the bride and the father exchanges his daughter in marriage. The guests are served chai and sweets. The groom accepts the bride's hand, while the kama-sukta hymn to love is pronounced, in the presence of the father, the bride and the groom. Vidaai marks the departure of the bride from her parental house. As the groom and his retinue are on their way, the bride is getting ready too. In the fifth step as the groom waits before the house of the bride, gifts of clothes and food are placed around the jagya; the father of the bride then places red paste on the groom's forehead indicating that he is no longer an outsider to his family. Mangal Phere The couple now has to circle the sacred fire four times. There is a lot of laughter and fun. The girl's father applies the "tikka" made of kesar, rice grains and flower petals on the boy's forehead who takes the blessing from the girl's family members. Doli — Bride Leaving Home Doli is a very emotional part of Sikh weddings and refers to the ceremony in which the bride leaves her parents home after her wedding. This is the preparation ceremony one day before a Punjabi wedding.

Punjabi post wedding rituals

It goes for both men and women. The brothers and male cousins of the bride lead her to the car where her husband is already waiting to take her to his abode. The Fire God or Agni is believed to solemnize the wedding Himself by being the witness of this act. This return ceremony is known as Thaka. The bride and groom are seated together, surrounded by their family and friends. The guests are served chai and sweets. Comment On This Article. Do not live without me. In the end, it does not matter what you provide for your daughter in her dowry or if you provide one at all, what matters is that she will live a happy married life! A traditionally sad ritual, here the bride says goodbye to her parents, siblings and rest of her family. For example, both eldest chachas father's younger brother will come together and exchange garlands of flowers. This year many singers have launched her Bhangra songs album. It shall win us future. After dressing the girl in clothes brought by the boy's family, they then lead her to the venue of the ceremony where her future mother gives her gifts and adorns her with jewellery. The following morning she returns to the home of her in-laws with a lot of gifts. Post-Wedding Rituals Post — wedding rituals of a traditional Kannada Wedding are quite simple and include the following: Though the population of the Christians in the country is less as compared to that of Hindus and Muslims, the Christian religion has a deep impact on the contemporary Indian Culture. Usually this is a wild party, and the groom is expected to enjoy his last night as a bachelor. The bride and other ladies get mehendi henna designs done, on their hands and feet most ladies get it done only on their hands but the bride gets it done on both hands and feet. Saptapadi A Hindu couple in post-marriage ceremonies, after Saptapadi. Do share your experience of the wedding in the comment section.: In these ceremonies, rice is thrown at the bride, groom or they kick a container containing the grain. Ghara Ghardoli This immediately follows the haldi ceremony. Then the bride must, with her right foot, kick the sarson ka tel mustard oil that is put on the sides of the entrance door before she enters the house. Welcoming the bride Welcoming the bride is done on the day of the wedding; when the groom sends a car to pick up the bride and waits for her outside the church.

Punjabi post wedding rituals

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  1. The Fire God or Agni is believed to solemnize the wedding Himself by being the witness of this act. The whole ceremony was timed around an auspicious time Mauhurat for this step and few decades ago, the wedding invitation would even list the time when this event was going to take place.

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