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Craziest Night Ever? Tokyo Gay Bars and Arcades

Quite possibly the best Sunday afternoon into late evening tea party. On their "regular" club nights, staff dances were the norm, along with killer drink specials and the occasional pizza slice specials from their kitchen. In the boundary line between Massachusetts and New Hampshire was revised, and the land which was originally part of Massachusetts became part of New Hampshire. It was THE place to be.. In it's prime the club was huge and filled to the max. Demolished and a parking garage now stands at the site. Elegant, perhaps too elegant for the south side of Chicago at the end of disco and the re-emergence of dance in the early 80s. Probably one of the most incredible clubs to ever open in the Chicago area. Lot's of good bands no one played there who wasn't good , lots of friendly people, extremely hot and beautiful and clean women who only wanted to dress great and have some fun frolicking in the night life. I remember dancing there on a Wed.

Gay clubs in nh

The boundaries of the area are unclear, as the northwestern part of town near Baboosic Lake is not traditionally considered a portion of Reeds Ferry. I remember their bathrooms were like the first place to have sensors, it took me about five minutes to figure out how to flush the toilet. The report alleged that "a direct relationship existed between This place was hard to leave due to the steep flight of stairs you had to navigate down while you were shit-faced on Three-Mile Islands a variation of a Long Island Ice Tea. Best nights seemed to be Sundays and Tuesdays or was it Wednesdays? Le Papillons Pasadena, CA The Cathouse was opened in in Hollywood to be a dance club that played rock and only rock. The club was loaded with hot hot ladies on the weekends, the sound system was incredible with a skylight above the dance floor the covered the entire floor, the bar was marble top and glass blocked, the DJ booth was like a command control center and the DJ was incredible and played a mixture of house, imports and classic club songs. Everyone from every walk of life was here Dillon's Westwood, CA It played very cool dance music with independent DJs and occaisional bands and was a very big part of the 'scene' in the mid 80s in Chicago. Just blocks away from Michigan State University, this club was VERY popular with students for many years until getting shut down I think because of liquor violations Cover bands like Sticky Fingers and Flossie! Quite possibly the best Sunday afternoon into late evening tea party. However, the boundaries and exact definitions are unclear due to the expansion of suburban development in the town during the latter half of the 20th century. This was purely a male club and featured a "Ladie's Night" once a month. City Beat was a club that opened soon after Skoochies was forced to shut it's doors. Club made to look like a swamp. Madonna filmed her video "Get into the Groove" in this club! The main room was where the stage was and they normally had a live band. This place didn't get busy until 4AM. No idea if it is still there.. The Freezer Theater Detroit, Michigan All progressive music thru the night, Tues of course male revue, but Fri and Sat packed for great dance music plus great food from the kitchen 50s style. Toward the back, they had a specific area for video games and an entirely separate room for pool tables and DJ music.

Gay clubs in nh

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  1. I was stationed in Hawaii in the late 80's, early 90's. Through it's short history, many bands played there like , T.

  2. Smoking weed in the ladies room. On the weekends at 4AM it would start to fill up by 5AM there was a line out the door and people inside drinking and dancing.

  3. The pool-table area upstairs served as an observatory for those too inhibited to bumrush the stage and boogie I love the Cabana Inn

  4. It has three cd edited ", A Catedral do Rock". Only went there once or twice but it was fun, dark, loud, and seemed to cater to the gay crowd.

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