Fun things to do 21st birthday

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Craziest 21st Birthday in VEGAS!

Make confetti pancakes because who doesn't love confetti pancakes? Travel to a different terrain…hike through forest or mountains within driving distance or kayak or on a lake near you. Document your time away so you can craft the perfect birthday photo book when you come back. Go thrift shopping or to the Farmer's Market and then use the food you bought to make a fresh meal! Make it a game with teams and rules. Designate a conspirator to keep the birthday boy or girl busy before they head to the surprise party location. Gather your crew and split up the work. Plan and host a backyard dinner party. Invite over friends and tell each one to bring over ingredients to make dozen batches 1 dozen per person present of their favorite dessert or, if it's cake, cakes! Spending your 21st birthday out on the town will likely pressure you to drink more than you should. In fact, I shared a glass of wine with my family and best friends at dinner on my 21st. Grab your best girlfriends for brunch and enjoy a spa day The not-so-coordinated waltz giphy. You can analyze the layers of meaning of your 21st birthday after you celebrate the big day. When the clock strikes 21 for the birthday girl or boy , friends stumble together for a themed bar crawl. I hope these ideas helped you get a little creative when it comes to your 21st birthday or any birthday, really! Get tickets to a local sports game or concert!

Fun things to do 21st birthday

Backyard Food Truck Make use of the space of your home by hiring a food truck for the birthday party. Give yourself the gift of liquid courage for your 21st birthday. Go 10 miles, go miles, go wherever you and your friends want! You can reserve your own table to stay close-knit with your group or hit the dance floor all night long. Stop for ice cream, have lunch, visit a friend. Some of us only want to enjoy another year of being alive and healthy. The bounce party of a lifetime giphy. Make it a game with teams and rules. Instead of your guests each bringing a huge dish, see if they would be willing to bring a slightly smaller dish along with some alcohol. Just like those Gen Xers complained about our Millennial generation: Go to one of the places that will give you FREE stuff on your birthday! You can also pair this with a backyard BBQ party. Cheers to the years past of toddler tantrums and pre-teen passive aggression. Simple but a little different and girls love it! What if we served the world? Bring plenty of blankets, pillows, and finish the night off with sparklers. Take the classy route If you and your friends are feeling all grown up and want to celebrate your 21st with class, go to a nice dinner at a local restaurant. Have a planned food fight or water balloon fight with friends. You can easily organize your party decorations, food, and birthday cake if you set the tone for your party with one complete theme. Round up the few people you do like and plan a weekend camping trip or take a long hike. This might put some added pressure on planning your big day, but have no fear! Set up a glamorous bar area, scatter casino-inspired tables for guests, and serve food buffet-style for all things Las Vegas. Finally at a legal age, find a vineyard close to your campus and act like a sommelier for a day. This means that you can finally rent a car under your own name and go wherever your heart desires. Go wherever those tickets are going to for a day and explore that city or destination. Perhaps you're more interested in celebrating LIFE instead of forgetting or wasting it away. Play laser tag or paintball with a bunch of friends

Fun things to do 21st birthday

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  1. What happened to the colorful bounce castles and enormous inflatable slides you used to play on for hours on end?

  2. This means that you can finally rent a car under your own name and go wherever your heart desires.

  3. Click To Tweet A celebratory toast or glass of wine is wonderful, especially when shared with family and friends. You could try anything:

  4. Simple but a little different and girls love it! University of Vermont sophomore Carter Shapiro and their friends filled a bath tub with macaroni and cheese then hosted a party.

  5. Click To Tweet I think coming alive, having a blast, and escaping the ordinary can be done in thousands of ways that don't require bad decisions and hang over headaches. Find a variety of unique 21st birthday party ideas below that are bound to expand your birthday options.

  6. This might put some added pressure on planning your big day, but have no fear! We live in a world that says our birthday should be that the world revolves around us.

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