Dreadlock care and maintenance

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How To Do Dreadlocks: Detailed Crochet Method

Natural dreads do not require the use of any chemical processes making them better for your scalp than any hair style that requires your hair to be chemically permed or straightened. This is what is commonly thought of as natural dreadlocks and what we reffer to throughout the site. You can use one, or a combination of them. The hair forms giant matts at random all over the head. Hair must be dirty to dread. That being said, allow me to bestow upon you some of the tips that I've picked up along the way. Old dreadlocks…if you are lucky enough to come across some old dreads that you would love to see as your own we will happily clean and prepare them either on the day of your appointment or beforehand if you would like to send them to us. The first thing you'll reach for is a head band or hair tie, completely unaware of how tight it might be against your head. If you don't like to wash your hair right before re-twisting it, have your spray bottle handy, and wet your hair section by section as you re-twist. This is especially important in the summer, when it gets really hot.

Dreadlock care and maintenance

This is especially important in the summer, when it gets really hot. You just place the cap over your head, and rest easy. Only black people can have nice dreads. This will stop your head from itching. The second type of natural are those dreads that came to be without the use of any chemical proccesses. The thicker the dreads, generally the slower they gain length. She was ready for a big makeover. Doing what you can to maximise the strength of your hair will be beneficial down the road when your dreads get longer. Hair must be dirty to dread. The length is limitless! Starting dreds is great because you are actually helping them come together but you are not really making dreds. As your locks get longer, you're going to want to get them out of your face. He easily changed her head flattening 'down the middle part' with a zig-zagging 's' shape and then added extensions for length. The Knitty By Nature website is becoming really popular because it is a daily video website that only features the best knitting tutorial videos! Please beware of any site, forum or person that tries to bully you into believing one method of locking hair is right, or that another is wrong. I for one have bookmarked it! I would carry an umbrella everywhere, wear hats just because it was cloudy, triple bag my head with shower caps whenever I went to wash myself. As you accept the knotty fate before you dreadlocks dot com will be at your side seeing to it that your experience with dreadlocks is nothing short of excellent. You can usually leave at least 2" inches of hair when you cut the dreads, so your hair will be short, but not shaved. Rubberbands used correctly help roots and tips tighten, especially when dreads are new. To see more images in a larger size click here to Facebook link to Facebook album. Here is what she said…"Making the decision, at 61 years of age, to have dreadlocks put into my hair has been life-changing. You can infact, with a great deal of work and suffering, start dreadlocks in some hair types with honey and tree sap but like Chris Rock says, "You can drive a car with your feet but don't make it a good fing idea! This turned out to be a nightmare for Stefan to match a colour. You can use one, or a combination of them.

Dreadlock care and maintenance

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  1. Here is what she said…"Making the decision, at 61 years of age, to have dreadlocks put into my hair has been life-changing.

  2. Regular palm rolling will be the best way to continue tightening and maintaining your no-wax dreads.

  3. Do not comb or style your hair. Before I started my dreadlocks I did a ton of research on them.

  4. Later, with his job secured and his hair grown back to shoulder length we extended his old dreads back on.

  5. Read on to learn how to easily create wax-free dreadlocks! Petrolium products are better suited for African textured hair which has already been dreaded.

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