Do you like to be spanked

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Do girls like being spanked in bed? Xmas special!

I wonder if someone ever overheard me threatening not to spank her, what the reaction would be. Unfortunately, Davies has long been a pawn in this game, so will invariably continue along this path. Our marriage is happier because he spanks me when I need it. DD, for us, is about accountability to each other primarily, but also about her submission to her man. I liked sitting on a lap and I loved the affection I felt when the teen rubbed my back. You just want the goddamn spanking! Anyway, one word led to another and then he put me over his knee. Robbie commented on August 26th, Just like spanking or punishing in any way a child for having ADHD accomplishes absolutely nothing, spanking or punishing and adult for having ADHD accomplishes nothing. Its only normal because it felt good. Susanne commented on December 23rd, What does play mean to you? I connected pain and pleasure thanks to these particular spankings. If I ever had to use spanking as a punishment, it would drastically diminish the fun and hot sex we have with spankings. He has to control his temper. Hard to recall that far back but I assume it was painful.

Do you like to be spanked

Being a fetishist is a sexual orientation. In this day when everyone works its good to know he is still in charge. Like Marie above, my husband also spanks me for all the reasons she listed. Relationships are supposed to be equal. What is this going to mean for my actual relationships? She will only be submissive to one man. Maybe SpankingBlog owner here should write a primer on what consensual spanking looks like. I know he is in charge and can do anything he wants to me. Answer those questions for YOU and then stick to your truth without compromise. It took a while but my behavior did change. He generally sits on his favorite bar stool with his right knee flexed and simply points to his knee and tells me Id better be over it damn quickly if I know what is good for me. I was an independent woman in my first marriage and I ran the show. She knows pain sluts are not allowed to smoke on the premises without permission from their Master. A good arse caning of the wife several times a week should be a basic requirement of any husband. He has a point. Sure I have burses and welts but that tranquil feeling of being centered again is wonderful. I always liked it a little rough in bed, and sometimes my husband actually spanks me hard enough to leave his hand print on my backside when he takes me from behind, but I never really thought about it as a spanking fetish until now. I need to remember that no man is going to save me. He spanks me for a variety of reasons Fun, discipline, stress relief, attitude adjustment, disrespect towards him, or just because he feels like it. Ongoing and regular maintenance spankings with a husbands bare hand on to her bare bottom enables her to get back to a clear vision and behavior in her life. The more times he had to spank me for the same offence the longer it took. It pacified a few; confused many more. By the time I was ten I was doing all kinds of things when no one was around. I didnt know not to get caught. We have attended several spanking parties and bratting is part of the fun.

Do you like to be spanked

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  1. His domination isn't easy to endure, especially for her. In the meantime, spank on consensually of course.

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