Difference between a texturizer and a relaxer

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Relaxers vs Texturizers - Afro Suki talks

High porosity hair will feel almost waxy. I was recommended to another hairdresser in which she uses Affirm. This is how i retained length during this method. This would hinder your success, or make it much much slower. I hope you will be able to help. Why do you use the products that you do? After the regimen, about 1. I have recently ordered your book and products and am anxiously awaiting their arrival. Black hair, and super curly hair types , may need some of the natural texture of the hair's curl pattern relaxed and released to enable more versatilty of style. Based on what you have told me your products are not improving your hair just sitting on it. For example should it be super watery? To keep it straight once I have pressed my hair.

Difference between a texturizer and a relaxer

I had used Affirm for 3 years on my hair prior to now. You can try to do a Aphogee treatment Sally's If the hair is not severely damaged, it may help but if the chemical bonds are broken, regretfully there is no solution but a pair or scissors!!! My colleague at work is intrigued by it. I would try not to omit the gel completely, since it holds in moisture better than oils. As far as the products you are inquiring about, I dont recommend any products but my own conditioner and I dont recommend products that I have not used. It will be either Lady Velvet or another one like Optimum because those are the only kinds my hair dresser uses I think. It is tough to say. My hair dried with a wave, and the roots could be brushed or combed, then dried silky yet straight, as if I had 1c-2b hair that could just be brushed into straightness! Hydrating your hair from within the cortex, would prevent those twists and bends because the hair cortex is going to fill with water little by little. This balding spot could be caused from a number of things. No more of the afro mullet shape. Yes, you can do step 1 and step 2 with a heating cap. The balding is another issue and if it has been gone for a year or better, nothing will help you regain in those areas. My question is should I put a home kit texturizer on it or should I perm it with a regular perm? Henna coats the hair strands while also filling in weak areas of the hair. I again shaved off all of the color in the spring of when I started growing my hair out for good. Please, Please stop changing chemicals! GHE for 3 months straight 24hours a day did. I think that if you are still having problems with step 4 and 5, then you are not watering down your conditioner enough. Friends have suggested Mizani and Affirm Relaxers. For the whiteness, try to water it down more. Could you give me advice on what would have caused this. Yes I have heard of them and I have never used them. Is this a lye relaxer? My hair is no longer a source of frustration.

Difference between a texturizer and a relaxer

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  1. I am in the first trimester 7 weeks and currently wear it short and have no chemicals in it. The result is stronger, shinier, and healthier hair.

  2. I ended up cutting off all of my hair and started from scratch after trying dreadlocks for a year and a half. The products you are wanting to use I do not recommend.

  3. We are both on a budget. So i water down kckt for all my steps that involve deepconditioner, although i make it a little more thick for the baking soda and DC steps.

  4. I at least would like my hair to evenly grow back.. If you do decide to take this route of texturizing and texlaxing, be very cautious and think your decision through wholeheartedly before doing so.

  5. This is a revolutionary way to begin a relaxing service. Will cones really be detrimental to the MHM?

  6. Does your hair care system work as well on natural hair as well as relaxed hair? What 3c hair looks like.

  7. A regular shower cap and scarf overnight, a steamer, a hooded dryer, etc. The difference is most apparent after your first wash.

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