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The Walking Dead:Season 4: "The Final Season" Prologue - Clementine's Story Thus Far

He will survive the encounter Determinant. After Clementine remembers some words Lee told her before his demise, she beats it with a large branch and retrieves the knife which is still sharp. If Lee chooses to not loot the car, she will hold Lee's hand and deny Katjaa when she offers her the hoodie. Those in the outer ear boost soft sounds and reduce the loud sounds, while those in the inner ear transmit the sound waves to the auditory nerve. She will also ask where Molly is if Molly was left behind. Walkers begin to surround the car as AJ cries, Kenny distracting them ultimately sacrificing himself so Clementine can reach AJ and escape. After fueling it with either a nearby log, the drawing of Kenny's family, or her picture of Lee, Clementine hears a noise not far from the camp and finds Christa being held at gunpoint by three bandits, who demand to know whether or not there is anyone with her. If Lee lets her come with the group, she will be with the group as they search the school in Crawford where the supplies are held. Clementine escapes the dairy with the other survivors after Lee and the other survivors deal with the St. This usage can be found in a passage from a letter to the Earl of Dartmouth , "I should explain

Clementine walking dead ethnicity

Clementine also witnesses the walker attack that kills Shawn, which causes Hershel Greene to kick the group off his farm as he blames Kenny and possibly Lee for not saving his son. When Clementine wakes up, Rebecca is seen holding her child and offers for Clementine to hold him. Having left her gun by the sink, Clementine hides in the stall as the unknown person, Michelle retrieves the weapon. She will finish off a dying walker nearby and cover both herself and AJ in walker guts, thus allowing the two to safely travel through the herd. Eyelashes, too, are important for keeping dust out of eyes, as well as helping them stay moist. She'll ask him about her parents. After losing the people closest to her, Clementine becomes hardened and more mature in her outlook, but still bravely overcomes the dangers of a post-apocalyptic world head-on and tries her best to maintain some of her previous faith in humanity, hanging on to what Lee taught her and her own values. Christa then bursts in and kills Michelle with a shot to the abdomen before cradling Omid's body and visibly noticing the fact that Michelle had used Clementine's gun. Clementine will ask if they'll have time to find her parents before going off on the boat. If Lee chooses to not loot the car, she will hold Lee's hand and deny Katjaa when she offers her the hoodie. Sometime shortly after, a man arrived and attempted to break into Clementine's house, so he could steal their TV, but walkers scared him away. For example in "Long Road Ahead", Clementine admits to putting a bug on Duck's pillow and in "Starved For Help" while Katjaa is taking care of Maybelle , she tells Lee not to lick the salt lick and that it's "gross". South Florida has a large Jewish element that migrated from New York. When the group finds an abandoned car, Clementine makes it clear she doesn't want to steal from the car because she fears that its owners may return. Later when Clementine talks to Kenny, the two will discuss Kenny's family, specifically Duck, and he will state that he will not make the same mistakes he made raising Duck when he raises AJ. Attempting to flee, she is almost overwhelmed by a walker only to be saved by Luke and Pete. She also maintained some of her innocence, such as when she was going through her period, she didn't know what was happening to her, and became slightly afraid before being calmed down by Javier. Later, when the train gets moving again, Clementine is seen in the engine room of the train sleeping in a chair. Lee's vote is determined by the player. Kenny tells Clementine that the rest of the group left on foot with Arvo. The Revolution turned more people toward Methodist and Baptist preachers in the South. Walkers begin to surround the car as AJ cries, Kenny distracting them ultimately sacrificing himself so Clementine can reach AJ and escape. She helps Lee as they are searching the train depot. Ava convinces David to let her say farewell to her small friend, giving her a few moments to share some final words. Those from the Tidewater area of Virginia and the Tidewater region of North Carolina identified themselves almost exclusively as of English origins, while those from the Piedmont areas were a mixture of English, Scotch-Irish , Scottish and Irish origins. After pondering aloud the fate of her friends, she offers Clementine an opportunity to join her community and get some food for Alvin.

Clementine walking dead ethnicity

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  1. Clementine is watching the argument from the doorway. If she does so, Jane will take hold of AJ momentarily, until he starts to puke on her after which she hands him back to Clementine.

  2. Clementine was befriended by Katjaa almost immediately, with her acting like a motherly figure for Clementine.

  3. Soon Christa heads off to look for more firewood, whilst Clementine is left to the fire. Nonetheless, the group decides to rest for the night and decide in the morning.

  4. Some examples are the German American population of the Edwards Plateau of Texas , whose ancestors arrived in the region in the s.

  5. While they are searching, they are taken by surprise as several walkers emerge from the dark.

  6. When Lee returns after Chuck explained himself, he tells Clementine that Chuck had some good points and teaches her how to shoot a pistol, also giving her a haircut so that she is harder to grab by walkers.

  7. Ava comes along and meets Clementine and deeply apologizes for taking AJ away from her. After the events on the lake, Mike will carry AJ inside the unfinished house and place him in a small blanketed box.

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