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Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever (5/12) Movie CLIP - Unsafe Sex (2009) HD

You don't use condoms? By doing it, she actually infects presumably healthy Paul with the illness she was carrying. Both scenes are cut into two sections, framed by a still shot of what one of their friends is doing at the same time. There is blood everywhere, including a rather conspicuous trail leading to the trashcan, suggesting a stillbirth. Then, after Marcy finally has sex with Paul, he can't get away from her fast enough. Ti West was so unhappy with the sequel that he asked to have his name removed from the film and replaced with Alan Smithee. In fact the bus had to go over the yellow divider in order to hit him. The guy walks in to the bedroom where the woman is waiting. Marcy delivers this when her lament over her hopeless situation suddenly turns into a very assertive come-on to the guy beside her. Cassie spends the last third in a prom dress splashed liberally with blood. Turned up to teabagging levels here. Marcy's sarcastic remark to the men, the morning after they accidentally killed the sick hobo to stop him stealing their car.

Cerina vincent cabin fever sex

Just after Marcy assures her reluctant sex partner that she's healthy, we're shown that his hands are leaving unusually nasty rashes as they squeeze her back - cluing us in, as if we didn't already suspect, that Marcy was already riddled with the disease. The disease spreads to aforementioned friend in a seriously disturbing way. Subtle hints throughout the film show Marcy's relationship with Jeff decaying while she grows closer to Paul. A Shout-Out of a Shout-Out , in fact, as this is ultimately a reference to The The Three Stooges , who hired an impersonator to be strategically filmed to complete scenes featuring Shemp in their movies after the real Shemp suddenly died during production. He continues choking as a waitress attempts to perform an exorcism on him, and suddenly starts spraying the place with blood squirting out of his stoma. He sticks it back in with superglue. In this version, Paul and Marcy's "It's like being on a plane In this case, it wasn't about performing a sex act on him specifically, it was more about using him as a tool to get back at her asshole of an ex-boyfriend. Porter is an asymptomatic carrier of the flesh-eating disease that killed his family. No Body Left Behind: She proceeds to grab him and fuck the shit out of him. If there is any doubt about his true motive for leaving being the post-coital awkwardness as opposed to a genuine attempt to save his friends , take a look at the direction Jeff ran off in, and then take a look at the direction Paul returns from after he hears Marcy's death screams. Cassie spends the last third in a prom dress splashed liberally with blood. He went searching for Jeff in the completely opposite direction to where he last saw Jeff running! Drums sound as they tentatively kiss for the first time and as their activity becomes more and more passionate, the soundtrack becomes increasingly more powerful; quickly eclipsing it's slow beginnings with a much livelier tempo. After Our Intrepid Protagonist gets some infected blood on his hand, he tries to forestall his own infection by cutting off said hand with a chop saw, with Cassie's help. The ending where the only remaining uninfected survivor is shot in the head by the arriving posse closely mirrors that of Night of the Living Dead Oh, and the character in Species II? When faceless government goons come in and start shooting everyone, you're supposed to cheer for the plucky survivors who escape, right? The girl who was just crowned prom queen before everything goes to hell throws an unholy tantrum because everyone is too busy vomiting out their liquefied internal organs to pay attention to her big moment. It shows a naked woman, seen from behind with another person's hands scratching bloody wounds into her back, which is exactly what happens during the sex scene. The Cat Fight described below is so absurd that it becomes darkly hilarious. Seems a little backwards. Also when she criticizes Paul for being a little too excitable when they slept together. The mouse that one of the scientists drops is later revealed to have been infected with the virus by Porter to force a lockdown. At a party, a guy playing a harmonica gets it shoved down his throat after getting smashed in the face with a guitar. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!

Cerina vincent cabin fever sex

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  1. Subtle hints throughout the film show Marcy's relationship with Jeff decaying while she grows closer to Paul.

  2. After Paul is wheeled into the hospital, he has a dream of him and Karen before everything went down. The scene in the hospital where Paul pulls up his gown and discovers some of the symptomatic scabs of the disease is reminiscent of the Dream Sequence at the start of Aliens where Ripley pulls back her own hospital gown to reveal a bulge in her belly where an Alien is about to burst out.

  3. A corresponding animated credit sequence occurs at the end, showing the further spread of the virus and that the country is pretty much screwed. The recoil snaps his arm off entirely and sends the gun through his own face.

  4. Paul kills Karen with a shovel to put her out of her misery. None of the characters actually die from the virus.

  5. You may never have an erection again. Porter is an asymptomatic carrier of the flesh-eating disease that killed his family.

  6. Despite Marcy's pleas for him to stay in the cabin, Paul is determined to wander off after their sexual ride, on a seemingly pointless mission.

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