Can you use coconut oil as lube

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Is pregnancy possible if lubrication is used? - Dr. Teena S Thomas

Oil lubes in general are a no-no to mix with latex condoms. Follow Gurl, Pretty Please! Whether you use coconut oil straight or doctor it up a bit, you know exactly what you are putting on your skin and into your body. Fewer benefits, but reduced cost. When you use Fertility Awareness or are trying to conceive, all lubricants are compatible! If you like to use coconut oil as a lube but use condoms for partnered sex then you need to keep polyurethane or nitrile condoms on hand. Unfortunately, lube can be hard to come by as a young girl. While it works and lasts for a while, Vaseline is also very messy and sticky and annoying to work with. The vagina is incredibly sensitive and will readily absorb whatever you put in it. This is how you get Toxic Shock Syndrome: This property is precisely why it is so good at reducing friction and adding lubrication during intercourse. Or like you just broke open a yummy Mounds bar. It even has anti-fungal properties that can keep you from getting yeast infections. Yeah, kind of, but if you're desperate, it works. Skip this Ad Next Aloe Vera It might sound random, but aloe vera actually makes an excellent substitution for lube. Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter Have you added coconut oil into your daily healthy and beauty routines, yet? I only use pure, therapeutic grade oils that are listed as safe for internal use; that is they have a supplement facts label.

Can you use coconut oil as lube

Imagine no longer needing to interrupt your pleasure! Drawbacks of Coconut Oil Lube Coconut oil lube is a great all-natural option in the bedroom, but it is not perfect. It works well as an anal lubricant, too. It's a little messy and kind of annoying, but it will work! It will cause your toys to feel tacky and, well, sort of disgusting, You will be faced with either switching to glass and metal toys or using a different lube for your toys. Dry Feet Fix Mix coconut oil with salt to remove dry skin from feet. Follow Gurl, Pretty Please! A little goes a long way and you ultimately get more for your buck by sticking to coconut oil and avoiding expensive brands with chemicals and artificial ingredients. Apply a smidgen of coconut oil to your face after cleansing at night and let it do its healing while you get your shut-eye. Sex Lube Over-the-counter lubes are often packed with harmful chemicals, can affect fertility, and are conducive to infections. Its healthy fats bring with them a host of health benefits. It is simple and cheap. Chicken Pox and Poison Ivy Relief Apply coconut oil to areas affected by chicken pox or poison ivy to reduce swelling, itching, and irritated skin. Make Pop-Tarts Pop-tarts are an American classic, but they are not the best addition to a healthy diet. When cooking, opt for coconut oil. If you want to use it, then you need to stick with polyurethane condoms — Trojan Supra is so far the only one I can find on US sites. Or like you just broke open a yummy Mounds bar. You can work the oil into your skin, so that you do not have an overwhelming oily feeling afterward. In fact, if you want to be all natural, all the time, you might even want to always use this one. For this reason, they are more readily burned for fuel. Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter Have you added coconut oil into your daily healthy and beauty routines, yet? My favorite oil to add is is ylang ylang. The vinegar dissolves the sticking power of lice eggs and the coconut oil smothers and kills the lice. On top of that, it can't be used with condoms, and it also isn't as slippery as a more oil-based lube. Have you ever actually looked at how much store bought lube costs? The Downsides The condom issue is a big one for some folks. Even if you choose not to have your activity tracked by third parties for advertising services, you will still see non-personalized ads on our site.

Can you use coconut oil as lube

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  1. To avoid this, I enjoy taking my all-purpose ointment to create a more solid personal lubricant. Cooks espouse its properties as a cooking oil to add flavor in an all natural way.

  2. You can easily transition from massaging the body to massaging the genitals to sex all using the same product. Coconut oil lubricant fits all of the above criteria, and more.

  3. Skip this Ad Next Aloe Vera It might sound random, but aloe vera actually makes an excellent substitution for lube.

  4. Just don't use it with condoms, as it can break down the latex. Despite its saturated fat content, coconut oil contains medium-chain triglycerides that are shorter than those in animal fats, which means the body can metabolize them quickly and not store them on the body.

  5. Some refined coconut oils can have partially-hydroginated fats added in, which could increase the pore-clogging factor of oil for some people.

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